• Our courses developed in assisting our customers to achieve their goals through small learning groups or one to one sessions.
  • We also offer courses for children ages 8 and up, high school and university students. 
  • Our teaching methods consist of three different steps:

  1)  We teach most needed content of language in a fastest and most efficient way.

  2)  We use interactive, auditory, visual and communicative methods to ensure that they reinforced.

  3)  We carry out activities to support the usage of the language in real tasks.

  • We follow The Common European Framework of Reference for Languagesfor teaching languages. Accordingly, we use publications and other course materials. But children, young people , housewives and working people are able to create programs tailored to their priorities and needs. We apply different techniques to each individual’s learning methods. Shortly, we prefer an eclectic method.
  • We offer our classes at our main office located at Metrocity Business Center / Levent, at our meeting rooms at Sun Plaza and Spring Giz Plaza / Maslak, Akkom Office Park / Ümraniye, Palladium Tower / Ataşehir or at your own home or your place of work.